The Wall Street Journal announced on Tuesday, March 29th 2016, that Cravath Swaine & Moore LLP and a handful of other prominent law firms were recently subject to a data breach in which confidential information regarding clients may have been stolen. This is just one in the proliferation of recent breaches at high profile companies and firms.

According to The WSJ “law firms are attractive targets because they hold trade secrets and other sensitive information about corporate clients.” The threat is very real and law firms have a legal and ethical obligation to protect client data vigilantly. Failure to meet certain security requirements could result in the loss of business, or a significant investment in appropriate infrastructure to bring the firm into compliance.

In light of these events we strongly encourage you to read our article Cyber Security Considerations for Law Firms, written by CISSP Certified LOGICFORCE CIO, Jordan McQuown, and President & COO, John Sweeney.

LOGICFORCE is here to help. Our team of industry leading cyber security experts will help your firm take a pragmatic approach to data security by conducting an independent audit to assess your firm’s current information security status and partner with you to discuss any remediation steps that should be taken.

All law firms are at risk, take a proactive step towards ensuring your clients information security by engaging us today.


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