Comprehensive IT Assessment for Law Firms

Blog: Does My Law Firm Need a Comprehensive IT Assessment?

Technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace, making it vital that law firms are up-to-date with the latest technology systems including IT infrastructure, eDiscovery and cyber security. As law firms grow, they often struggle to unite technology systems in a cohesive way that allows them to work effectively together.

The resulting misalignment of technology and business goals can lead to excessive time spent running the business rather than delivering billable services to clients and growing the firm. Regardless of how you plan to grow, it’s critical to make technology investments that align with business objectives, both now and in the future.

Why Now
Technology assessments include an analysis of current technologies, practices and business goals. This results in the creation of a customized blueprint that aligns technology with business strategy and key recommendations for implementing and optimizing technology.

How can a technology assessment position your firm for growth? The combination of expertise from top legal consultants, technology strategists, eDiscovery experts and digital forensics authorities ensures the following outcomes:

What is the value of a comprehensive IT assessment?

  • Gain IT perspective through analysis
    Technology assessments analyze where firms and their clients stand with current regulatory constraints. They gauge risk and compare firms to others of similar size and practice areas. They also measure current technology systems against key factors that impact law firm growth, such as IT systems, eDiscovery, risk and cyber security. An assessment’s comprehensive data analysis allows law firms to take a critical look at the existing IT environment and make informed management recommendations to future IT operations.
  • Align business objectives & technology systems
    Technology assessments deliver a pragmatic blueprint designed to help firms reach their unique business goals. Blueprints shows how technologies including IT infrastructure, eDiscovery and cyber security can be used together to create an efficient and secure technology system that can be strategically implemented with business growth in mind.
  • Leverage insights to increase firm profitability
    Law firms will gain a clear picture of where to make technology investments that align business plans and future goals. All law firms face their own unique risks and threats. Technology assessments provide them with the peace of mind that their individual needs will be met. Law firms also receive a clear delineation of current risks and recommended steps to fix them immediately. It will also show your firm how leveraging technology to drive efficiency, attorneys will see an increase in billable time.

Technology is the single biggest strategic enabler of law firm growth. Achieving alignment between technology and business goals is the ultimate outcome of a technology assessment and has the power to unlock your firm’s potential.

The LOGICFORCE Difference
LOGICFORCE’s trademarked assessment, Synthesis E-IT Secure® (SEITS®), maps out your current technology system — the combination of IT, eDiscovery, cyber security and data management — and helps firms plan for the future using these powerful technologies. The SEITS® assessment is unique to LOGICFORCE and based on our proprietary 8-levers-of-success criteria. As a result of our assessment, you’ll gain a realistic, affordable, practical and executable blueprint to take your already successful law firm to your next level.

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