Blog: Cyber Attacks Can Ruin Your Reputation & Business: Is Your Law Firm Secure?

Phishing, malware and ransomware attacks are becoming increasingly prevalent every year, especially across the legal industry. Hackers target law firms because their servers hold incredibly sensitive and private information. Attacks can be debilitating, costing your firm time, money and its reputation.

Whether you are planning a response to a cyber attack or preventing one, take these steps to avoid or minimize potential damage.

Prepare and prevent
Preparedness is the best way to help prevent and lessen the blow of cyber attacks. Create a plan and next steps in the event that your law firm is hacked, including contact information for IT advisors and technical experts to guide you through this process. Implement a communication strategy to notify employees and clients that may be affected. Remember normal communication services may be impacted by the breach, so have alternatives. Run through the plan on a regular basis so your team members know what to do and what is expected of them.

Enable encryption on all devices including, external drives, laptops, desktops, phones and tablets and implement multi factor authentication for any application that can be accessed directly from the internet.

Set up a network security perimeter to block penetration from outsiders and install endpoint protection to protect the devices themselves.

Regular Penetration testing and Vulnerability assessments will identify the gaps in your security and continual monitoring, with real time log review, of all company devices will quickly alert you to abnormalities.

Many cybersecurity mishaps happen because of human error. Phishing scams can be highly sophisticated and deceiving. Clicking on an infected link or entering a password into a login system that appears to be legitimate but is actually a scam are common mistakes. To combat these mistakes, schedule regular cybersecurity training programs for all staff.

Backup data
The most important tool for data integrity is a backup. But just having a local copy is not always enough. An offsite replica of your backup will prevent it from falling victim to the same fate as your production data in the event of a breach and may allow you to recover faster.

Keep your systems up to date
Ensure that your firm has the latest technology and security systems. Strategically implementing powerful technology can provide peace of mind and prevent loss of valuable time and money. State-of-the-art systems will allow your team to focus on lawyering while reducing risk and saving money over time.

Conduct weekly checks for patches and updates in all systems. Have an IT security expert regularly run a risk assessment on your firm’s technology systems.

Many potential clients will have high cybersecurity expectations. Having up-to-date systems will also ensure you pass client technology audits.

Call for support
The complexity of cybersecurity assaults is constantly expanding. Software alone can’t always handle these attacks. Understanding this growing complexity of technology solutions, software, security threats and threat management requires a high level of real-time legal and tech industry expertise. This can be accomplished by outsourcing the skills of legal tech experts.

Law firms that take proactive steps towards optimizing their IT systems are much more likely to be prepared for and successfully navigate a cyber attack.

The LOGICFORCE Difference
Many law firms have technology systems that are outdated, underperform and put firm data at risk. The best way to prevent cyber attacks is through IT optimization. For this reason, LOGICFORCE created New Style Legal IT®️, a fresh, holistic approach for law firms to leverage advancements in legal tech. New Style Legal IT®️ provides everything your law firm needs to operate at peak performance: technology systems, strategic advice and a dynamic team of legal technology experts.

Get in touch with one of our experts now by requesting a call.

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