Blog: Law Firms: Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Cloud Spend?

Cloud services can drive efficiency, reduce costs and increase security at law firms. While cloud usage in the legal industry continues to increase, many firms are wasting resources and money along the way because of poor planning and implementation. Law firms tend to make cloud purchasing decisions in silos without evaluating how to properly integrate each cloud service offering into their current IT environment. Here are four ways to maximize cloud spend and cut waste to drive efficiencies at your firm.

Create an integration plan

Before purchasing and implementing cloud services, consider how your firm will use each service to meet business goals. A proper integration plan should be built like a roadmap and include comprehensive user testing and rollout programs to ensure end user adoption.

Without planning, cloud services can be an economic lurch for firms as implementation tends to be costlier than expected. Bad IT spend and bad IT decisions are often the direct result of bad IT strategy. Proper planning, implementation, and training drive efficiencies and user adoption, which in turn promotes strong ROI on cloud spend.

Implement intentionally

Law firms will receive maximum value on cloud spend when they buy services that fully integrate into their IT environment, address a specific business need and meet the IT strategy of their organization. For example, cloud storage services are often much cheaper than on-premise solutions; however, if the organization fails to implement sufficient protocols to ensure secure cloud storage implementation, they could open themselves up to data loss and security issues – this additional risk would far outweigh the cost savings of moving to a cloud solution.

Optimize efficiency with training programs

Don’t underestimate the amount of training and organizational change that will be required. As with all new technology, it is imperative to ensure employees know how to use it properly. Make sure to include key stakeholders and business champions early to ensure you can help build the proper use for what you’re trying to implement and ensure your training programs are relevant to their needs.

 Get expert advice

Selecting an expert partner to manage cloud services will decrease wasted resources and dollars. IT consulting companies can help plan, implement and train employees with your budget in mind. They will also assist in cloud backup and recovery if needed.

The cloud services model is undoubtedly the future of IT spend and offers the most benefits in the long term. They are a powerful tool for law firms to improve efficiency and security. But if cloud services aren’t implemented strategically, they may end up costing more than planned.

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