Blog: Law Firms: Maximize Growth Potential with Office 365

When launching Office 365, Microsoft did more than relocate its Office apps online. With this cloud-based software, you can view and edit files, hold video conferences and more – all that’s needed is internet access. In our experience working with law firms, we’ve seen that many small and mid-size firms manage their day-to-day business operations with 365. Office 365 is both a cloud platform and traditional, installable software, so it offers firms the best of both worlds.

Office 365 is a great asset for small and midsize law firms given its unique features that increase growth potential, security and employee satisfaction. Here are the biggest benefits for law firms:  

Complete Scalability

Office 365 is great for small and mid-size law firms with future growth plans. Office 365 accounts can easily be added or removed as firm employment changes. Pricing is a flat fee per user for seamless billing, and capabilities and add-ons can also be expanded or curbed depending on changes in service offerings and other growth factors.

You can also install up to five instances of Office under your Office 365 account allowing you to access files, e-mail and more from other devices outside of work.

Store and sync files securely

Office 365 has built-in security measures including virus protection, encryption and controlled access to files. This is especially important for law firms because private legal data is often targeted by cybercriminals. With multiple security layers and regular bug fixes, law firms are able to have peace of mind that their client data is protected.

Increase productivity with alternate apps

Office 365 has a plethora of apps that enhance organization and improve productivity. By clicking the menu icon and selecting “all apps,” you’ll find additional apps like SharePoint, an app for sharing internal documents and work products across the organization if the firm is not using a document management software. Other apps like Teams allow you and others from your organization to collaborate and share information in a social media style environment. Planner, an app that can be integrated into other 365 organizational apps, allows you to create, assign and track tasks helping the firm stay on top of their work. These are just a few of the apps that make organization and collaboration between your legal team easy and enjoyable.

Ready for the cloud? The best way to fully integrate Office 365 into your law firm’s day-to-day and get the most out of your purchase is to enlist the help of a technology consultant. LOGICFORCE can help you maximize your spend on cloud products like Office 365. Our New Style Legal IT®️ offering is designed specifically for law firms to ensure they can move their firm completely to the cloud and ensuring all software, systems, and solutions are fully integrated into their IT environment. Get in touch with one of our experts now by requesting a call.

LOGICFORCE experts Mark Abell and Kevin Hill developed this blog on the value of Office 365 for law firms. Mark Abell, LOGICFORCE technology consultant, has more than 15 years’ experience working in IT support and consulting and Kevin Hill, LOGICFORCE IT project manager, is responsible for client software and hardware migrations, among other IT responsibilities.

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