Blog: Intern Spotlight: Q&A with Ryland Wheliss

Ryland Wheliss joined LOGICFORCE in May 2019 as a Business Analyst Intern.

Fast Facts

Name: Ryland Wheliss

Title: Business Analyst Intern

School: Davidson College

Major: Computer Science

What is your day-to-day like as a Business Analyst Intern at LOGICFORCE?

I work on a variety of projects in different departments. As a business analyst, I work closely with the business development team. Because of LOGICFORCE’s continued growth, I have been focused on finding new firms and new areas by initiating a search analysis of law firms that could benefit from our services. We have really found our niche with medium sized law firms across the country, and I focus on identifying them.

What made you want to intern at LOGICFORCE?

With my computer science background, I knew IT was in my future, but I was not sure in what capacity. Davidson College gave me a broad knowledge of everything technology-related so I was fortunate enough to have a spectrum of potential options. I’ve been familiar with and impressed by the work that LOGICFORCE does, so when the position became available, I knew I wanted to apply. I grew up surrounded by lawyers and the combination of law and IT seemed like a perfect combination of my skills and background. Once I toured the office and saw the direction the company was going in, I knew this was the company for me.

What is your favorite part of interning at LOGICFORCE?

My favorite part about interning at LOGICFORCE is the people I work with! Coming into the office and being able to joke and laugh with the people around me makes the work environment that much better. My coworkers have a lot of experience and a vast knowledge of the areas they work in. They are so helpful and willing to answer questions. This creates an environment worth being a part of and makes me enjoy coming into work every day.

What is your favorite thing to work on at LOGICFORCE?

So far, my favorite thing to work on has been the SEITS assessments. When doing the assessments, I get to travel to the prospective firm, which gives me a firsthand look at how we help our clients change and improve. Throughout my internship, I have gotten more exposure to the services we provide and am quickly able to understand the technical support and improvements needed. This internship has greatly expanded my knowledge of IT, and it’s always a treat to sit in on preliminary meetings with new clients and know that we are able to help them.

What has been the most valuable thing you learned/experienced while interning at LOGICFORCE?

The most valuable thing I have learned is the importance of keeping clients happy and providing technology solutions that allow them to work efficiently. LOGICFORCE experts work together efficiently to figure out the best solutions for their clients. There is always someone who knows the perfect fix and the problem is remedied quickly and efficiently. Experiencing the ability of a full office to work together to complete a task or get to a solution has been an eye-opening experience.

How has working at LOGICFORCE prepared you for your future?

I am still determining what my future holds. LOGICFORCE has given me the chance to experience so many different parts of an efficient company that I am confident that I could fit whatever my future employer needs. I’ve gained diverse experience, including investigation into firms,  conducting interviews and organizing depreciation charts. I have been exposed to many different aspects of working at a mid-sized company and feel both excited and prepared for the future.

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