Blog: Intern Spotlight: Bethany Ford

Fast Facts

Name: Bethany Ford

Title: Business Analyst Intern

School: Vanderbilt

Major: Human and Organizational Development and Economics

Hometown: Milwaukee, WI

Bethany Ford is a junior studying Human and Organizational Development and Economics from Milwaukee, WI. For her HOD capstone internship she was hired as a Business Analyst Intern at LOGICFORCE, a Nashville-based legal technology consultancy. We spoke with Bethany about her experience interning at LOGICFORCE. Here’s what she had to say:

Q: Why did you choose to intern at LOGICFORCE?

A: LOGICFORCE was the perfect place for me to intern this semester because I was able to gain first-hand experience of the entire consulting process at LOGICFORCE. I was excited to have the opportunity to learn from all the amazing people on the LOGICFORCE team. I’m happy to have made long-term professional and personal connections during my time as an intern. 

Q: What is your day-to-day like as a Business Analyst Intern at LOGICFORCE? 

A: My day-to-day as a Business Analyst Intern was always changing, which was one of the things I loved the most about this role! I was able to get involved with so many aspects of the business, working with a variety of people and departments. By the end of my internship, I had completed a project in accounting, account management, PR, finance, technology, and more. My supervisor, Bret Babcock, was helpful, communicative and always made an effort to assign projects that I was interested in and could learn the most from. This kind of leadership is just one of the things that makes being a part of this team so special.

Q: What project did you enjoy most during your time at LOGICFORCE? 

A: One of my favorite projects was to create user count sheets for each client to ensure that all contact and device information was up-to-date and that the client would be billed correctly. I enjoyed the behind the scenes work that supported our clients and ensured a positive client-consultant relationship. 

Q: What has been the most valuable thing you learned while interning at LOGICFORCE? 

A: I learned the value of great communication during my internship at LOGICFORCE. Many of the projects I worked on required me to learn new skills and programs. The constant support and guidance of my co-workers and supervisors helped me be successful in this role. They were always willing to answer questions and help me learn as much as I could. This type of communication enriched my experience tremendously and exposed me to the type of work environment and leadership I hope for in the future.

Q: How has your internship helped you grow professionally? 

A: My internship at LOGICFORCE has not only taught me skills that I will carry with me into my future classes and jobs, but it also gave me a new network of people I truly enjoy working with. I look forward to continuing to stay in touch with all of them! 

Q: What would you tell other students about why they should intern at LOGICFORCE?

A: I would recommend interning at LOGICFORCE because you’ll be able to hone specific skills based on your interests and receive real, hands on work experience in an extremely supportive and welcoming environment. Learning and growth have been at the forefront of this internship experience and that’s exactly what many interns seek. 

Q: What advice would you give to students during their internship search?

A: First and foremost, any internship experience is what you make it! During your search, ask plenty of questions to find the right fit. Always ask what the day-to-day looks like to gauge how it matches up with your interests and what you would like to get out of the experience. I’d also recommend interviewing in person, if possible. It’s a great way to meet your prospective supervisor, see the office and get a glimpse into the work environment. Lastly, reach out to HOD students that have worked at the site before to get their insight and make a new connection in the process!

LOGICFORCE provides technology solutions that improve the profitability and operations of law firms. Their specialties include IT optimization, eDiscovery, cybersecurity, document review and digital forensics.

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