Outsourced IT in Action: LOGICFORCE increases resiliency and reduces downtime

A conversation with Colby Blair, Chief Financial Officer, McBrayer PLLC

Over the last few months, attorneys and staff across the world have transitioned to remote work models and leveraged new tools and technologies that enable them to continue focusing on serving their clients with minimal disruptions. Business development manager Gary Dempsey recently spoke with Colby Blair, Chief Financial Officer at McBrayer PLLC, a full-service law firm with offices in Lexington and Louisville, KY and a lobbying presence in Frankfort, KY, about how the firm’s partnership with LOGICFORCE has helped reduce downtime during the coronavirus pandemic and remain well-positioned in the current environment.

Prior to partnering with LOGICFORCE in 2015, McBrayer’s IT was handled in house. The firm had a contractor that managed the server and email systems and addressed needs as they arose.  All hardware, software and licenses had to be purchased, leaving updates and full cost of ownership to the firm.

Gary at LOGICFORCE: How did LOGICFORCE help your firm prepare for and transition to remote work?

Colby at McBrayer: Prior to the pandemic, LOGICFORCE had moved our major systems to the cloud, which made navigating operational changes particularly smooth. Once the team was connected at home, they were able to use the firm’s email, document management system and even dictation software. LOGICFORCE’s help desk also allowed our team to ask questions easily and troubleshoot issues quickly.

Gary: What technologies have been most helpful to your attorneys over the past 2 months?

Colby: Our attorneys have recently found the cloud-based document management system, and cloud-based time and billing systems most helpful.

Gary: If another firm were on the fence about outsourcing their IT function, what would you tell them?

Colby: Unless you have the certified expertise in-house and an IT executive leadership team on staff, I don’t know why you wouldn’t outsource your IT. We are in the business of practicing law, and we want to remain focused on providing exceptional service to our clients.  LOGICFORCE runs point on all things IT, which allows us to focus on what we do best.

Gary: How has McBrayer’s partnership with LOGICFORCE created value for you as the firm’s CFO?

Colby: Having a specific and budgeted cash flow for IT spend in our agreement with LOGICFORCE allows me to manage the rest of the business without having surprises when computer replacements or server upgrades are necessary.

The LOGICFORCE Difference

After decades of working with law firms across the country, we’ve found that in addition to reduced IT costs, our clients experience an average of 80% recovery of their master service agreement fees in the first year by using our team’s recommended pricing models and billable rates. We offer scalable solutions tailored to law firms. Our trademarked assessment, Synthesis E-IT Secure® (SEITS ®) maps out a firm’s current technology system — the combination of IT, eDiscovery, cyber security and data management — and helps plan for the future using these powerful technologies. 

Gary Dempsey is a Business Development Manager at LOGICFORCE. He works to better understand client needs and coordinates with the LOGICFORCE team to maintain high levels of satisfaction for all current and future clients.

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