Outsourced IT in Action: LOGICFORCE’s Dedicated IT Team Saves Firms Time & Money

A conversation with Chris Brodman, President, Metz Lewis Brodman Must O’Keefe LLC

Business Development Manager, Ali Lahouti, recently spoke with Chris Brodman, President of Metz Lewis Brodman Must O’Keefe LLC about how the firm’s outsourced IT strategy helps it continue to deliver exceptional service to its clients. Based in Pittsburgh, PA, Metz Lewis Brodman Must O’Keefe has a team of award-winning attorneys who specialize in banking, securities, litigation, real estate and more. In 2016, the firm was named to the list of Top Ranked Law Firms by Martindale-Hubbell.

The firm engaged LOGICFORCE in 2018 as its managed IT service provider. Prior to partnering with LOGICFORCE, IT was handled by an in-house professional. After working with two other managed IT service providers, the firm found the right fit with LOGICFORCE because of its on-site support, its leadership team of business minded executives as opposed to tactical IT professionals, and the simplicity of having a sole provider of all IT services.

How has your partnership with LOGICFORCE helped you navigate operational changes as a result of the coronavirus?

Moving from an in-office operation to a remote model was a challenge. Thankfully, LOGICFORCE helped us migrate to iManage, a document management system, before the coronavirus pandemic hit. This allowed employees access to documents from anywhere. However, it was still a challenge to get each employee set up at home and working from their own devices. LOGICFORCE was able to help all of our employees get connected remotely and their team’s helpdesk was available for troubleshooting and support, which allowed us to continue focusing on serving our clients.

“Combining 24-7 remote coverage with an in-person, dedicated IT professional is a great offering for any law firm.”

How did LOGICFORCE help your firm prepare for and transition to the work-from-home model?

Moving to iManage and Office365 ahead of the migration was critical. The transition was smooth because most of our attorneys were very comfortable using the software ahead of pandemic.

What technologies have been most helpful to your attorneys this year?

We’ve been able to continue the use of our standard software like iManage, Office365 and Juris. Additionally, ever since our team started working from home, we began using Microsoft Teams. Many of our internal and external meetings are now conducted on Teams.

If another firm was on the fence about engaging an outsourced IT provider, what would you tell them?

Managed IT services provide 24-7 coverage and expertise in all necessary areas of IT. One in-house professional cannot wear all of the hats at every hour of every day. Time and money is also saved by relieving the burden of IT Management.

What is the biggest takeaway from your partnership with LOGICFORCE?

Combining 24-7 remote coverage with an in-person, dedicated IT professional is a great offering for any law firm.

The LOGICFORCE Difference

After decades of working with law firms across the country, we’ve found that in addition to reduced IT costs, our clients experience an average of 80% recovery of their master service agreement fees in the first year by using our team’s recommended pricing models and billable rates. We offer scalable solutions tailored to law firms. Our trademarked assessment, Synthesis E-IT Secure® (SEITS ®) maps out a firm’s current technology system — the combination of IT, eDiscovery, cybersecurity and data management — and helps plan for the future using these powerful technologies. 

Ali Lahouti is a Business Development Manager at LOGICFORCE and has more than a decade of relationship building experience across multiple industries, including technology. He focuses on building and maintaining client relationships in the legal industry and providing them with strategic guidance on aligning technology with business goals. 

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