Blog: Four IT Trends You Should Be Thinking About in 2021

It’s safe to say that 2020 brought many unexpected challenges and opportunities. Most law firms have transformed their pre-COVID operations and moved to remote work models. To remain competitive, firms will need to continue adapting to change and preparing for the road ahead.  As we plunge into 2021, these are 4 major trends we expect will continue transforming IT over the next year.

WFH is here to stay

Many work from home policies are predicted to outlast the coronavirus pandemic. This year, we’ve seen professionals in all sectors shift to remote work. Companies are experiencing maintained levels of productivity and opportunities to save on costs associated with office space. A more permanent shift towards remote-work models will require adjustments to IT support and technologies. Many law firms are investing in WFH devices and secure connectivity networks like SD-WAN. These investments will help ensure flexibility, reliable connectivity and productivity moving forward.

Cybersecurity threats continue to rise

Hackers have capitalized on remote work vulnerabilities during the pandemic. In fact, 80% of firms have seen an increase in cyberattacks. There was also a 600% increase in attacks on cloud services from January to April 2020. It is absolutely imperative that firms audit and improve their current cybersecurity practices and continue to expand protocols to employees working remotely. Training sessions and frequent communication about best practices should be instated. 

Increased use of cloud-native technologies

Cloud-native technologies are expected to grow throughout 2021, with an expected 60% of firms utilizing public cloud services by the end of the year. Cloud-native, technologies will assist firms in transitioning from data centers to the cloud, which will help build, migrate, and modernize firms’ systems. Cloud infrastructure has proven critical over the past year because of its agility and adaptability, especially in an environment of rapid change.

Digital channels used for client meetings and mediation

Digital technology and online presence will become increasingly important in 2021 as clients continue to interact virtually. Reliable and secure virtual communication is essential. Digital communications are not limited to internal firm conversations; the virtual office extends to clients as well. Lawyers will likely need to continue mediating via Zoom or other video conferencing platforms well into 2021. 

Looking forward

We’re predicting another year full of transformation and innovation. To ensure your law firm’s technology is robust and flexible, we recommend utilizing our trademarked assessment, Synthesis E-IT Secure® (SEITS ®), which maps out a firm’s current technology system — the combination of IT, eDiscovery, cybersecurity and data management — and helps plan for the future using these powerful technologies. LOGICFORCE helps firms navigate IT advancements and increases billables by an average of  5-8% in year one. Learn more by visiting our website.

Bethany Ford is a Business Analyst Intern at LOGICFORCE

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