IT Strategy, eDiscovery and the over-arching Business Strategy are no longer separate at law firms.  In fact, for those firms that want to continue to compete and grow, LOGICFORCE suggests they are inseparable.

IT and eDiscovery related services have become a business decision for every law firm today that ultimately impacts profitability and exposure to risk.  Decisions to invest are normally weighed against the ability to service internal and external clients along with ever increasing demands for cutting edge approaches strengthened by stringent cyber security protocols.

The issue becomes even more compounded when considering rapidly evolving technologies make it virtually impossible to stay current, are very expensive and the expertise it takes to effectively utilize them requires expertise and training programs that do not exist in most law firms today.

Therefore, cost as it relates to the law firm’s business model, in essence becomes the barometer for their decisions to continue to invest and keep all services in-house, outsource them entirely or design a hybrid solution from the two. However, LOGICFORCE contends that other factors must be considered in order to make a truly informed decision that will complement the overall business strategy of the firm and remain sustainable for years to come.

To that end LOGICFORCE developed a proprietary assessment methodology called Synthesis E-IT Secure® or SEITS® for short.   This service provides our law firm clients with an accurate measure of their IT and eDiscovery requirements. SEITS® takes into account all facets of the current operation including technology, expertise, process, and costs.

Based on the firm-wide goals, our clients can expect a detailed report outlining the current state of operations along with solution options for the future state that will:

  • Dramatically reduce the total cost of ownership
  • Improve overall attorney productivity and enhance the ability to deliver services to their clients
  • Keep the firm current with all of the latest technologies and approaches to eDiscovery related services
  • Provide the firm with the metrics, measurements and reporting capability they can provide to their clients who are demanding this for their projects

Our assessment is outcome-based as it provides an actionable blueprint that is scalable to design, implement, support and measure a solution for IT and eDiscovery that meets the firm’s requirements today and tomorrow. Everything is taken into account including but not limited to:

  • Costs
  • Existing operational ability
  • Culture of the firm
  • IT and Security requirements
  • Internal and external client requirements
  • Industry and technology innovations

To get started we will need to:

  • Clearly Define Project Goals
  • Define and Confirm Roles and Responsibilities for both sides
  • Determine timelines and milestone for completion
  • Establish a communications protocol to measure and validate findings

Once a solution is decided upon, the firm can implement or LOGICFORCE can implement within 30-90 days, depending on the complexity of the plan and the overarching Service Level Agreements.