Our Story


Our Beginning

In 1995, a young IT Expert walked into a prestigious law firm in downtown Nashville, Tennessee.  He had big dreams and quite a number of skills that he had honed from earning an MS in computer science from Vanderbilt University.  He had passion, drive and a willingness to tackle nearly any technology project thrown his way. 

He was shown to a conference room and asked to wait a few moments.  Looking through the glass walls of the conference room, he could see a bustling law firm with dozens of staff answering phones, typing on computers and going about the business of serving clients.  But he also saw something else.

This young man, Phillip Hampton, saw the potential of a really good law firm.  He thought to himself, “I think I can help them go to their next level.  While they’re really successful now, I might be able to help them become even more successful.”  He was about to get that opportunity.

An attorney walked in the room and asked this question: “what do you know about time and billing software?”  This attorney’s name was Bill Ramsey.  He and Phillip were about to form a relationship that would last for more than 23 years. 

Phillip proved competent in a wide array of initial technology tasks.  Any time technology issues came up, Phillip was the person the staff at this law firm would call.  Pretty soon, Phillip had to come up with a name for his consulting firm.  He chose LOGICFORCE. 

Growing The Business

Taking lessons learned from serving one law firm, LOGICFORCE began to serve other law firms.  His practice grew and he began to hire technology experts who have passion for service.  He was very selective knowing that the business culture of law firms was quite unique.  When lawyers need help, they need it right now. He also came to understand that while lawyers are very dependent on technology, they’re not technology experts. 

Within a few years, clients began to ask LOGICFORCE for help with technology issues that had become a part of most legal cases: Electronic Discovery.  This was a transformational period for LOGICFORCE.  Instead of providing services and solutions exclusively for the internal computer systems at law firms, LOGICFORCE began applying technology and project management to actual revenue producing matters for law frim clients.

By developing skills in electronic discovery, cyber security and digital forensics, LOGICFORCE became so much more than an IT consulting organization.  LOGICFORCE entered the business of increasing law firm revenue and enhancing profits by streamlining complex technical processes.  This allowed lawyers to focus on the business of law while LOGICFORCE took care of technology. 

Expanding The Vision

In 2015, LOGICFORCE took a major leap forward.  Phillip Hampton knew he was great at leveraging technology to solve real-world problems for law firms.  But he also recognized that to achieve LOGICFORCE’s full potential, he needed help.  He needed someone with experience at growing a consulting organization, someone with a demonstrated history of success in this area. 

This is why he actively sought new leadership for LOGICFORCE.  Phillip wanted someone who could understand the history, the culture and the values of the organization.  He wanted someone who was committed to delivering outstanding service.  He wanted someone who would build on the foundation he had created and take LOGICFORCE to the next level. 

That’s why he chose John Sweeney.

John Sweeney, eight times named to LAWDRAGON’S 100 Leading Legal Consultants and Strategists, came to LOGICFORCE with a deep understanding of the legal market, eDiscovery, cyber security and the expanding role of Big Data in corporate litigation.  He also possessed strong leadership capabilities and a strong track record of growing professional service organizations.  He was the perfect fit for LOGICFORCE.

He set about the task of expanding the vision for LOGICFORCE, building the infrastructure necessary to increase client impact and instituting a leadership team.  The results were immediately recognizable. 

One of LOGICFORCE’s first steps was to create the Synthesis E-IT Secure® assessment service.  This service benchmarks where law firms are against best-in-class organizations and delivers a blueprint process to improve efficiencies and accelerate their growth and financial results. 

John also saw the need to integrate the disconnected technology systems at law firms into one cohesive and high-performance technology ecosystem.  This is why LOGICFORCE created an innovative approach called NEW STYLE LEGAL IT™ which is radically improving the way organizations pay for, maintain and leverage technology.  NEW STYLE LEGAL IT™ transforms IT, cyber security and eDiscovery from ungainly and disparate systems that are expensive, insecure and not scalable into one ecosystem that is scalable, completely secure and affordable. 

John sponsored and provided the vision for NASHTECH, the leading legal business and technology conference in the Southeast today.  NASHTECH helps lawyers understand and build a strategy for working with the three teams inside corporations who have a stake in legal events: Legal, IT and Regulatory/Compliance. 

Our Future

LOGICFORCE is growing.  Our future is bright.  As a team, we are deeply passionate about what we do and how it impacts our clients.  There are thousands of law firms in the US today who need our services, our insights and our touch.  We are committed to serving these firms and their clients with the same attention to detail, the same care, as our founder. 

Are we the right firm to help you go to your next level?  There’s only one way to know.  Let’s have a conversation.