LOGICFORCE focuses solely on serving the needs of law firms and their corporate clients.  We give both of these stakeholders the ability to compete and improve profitability through the strategic use of their technology ecosystem and our experts. 

We realize that the intersection between business and technology has become too complex and costly for law firms to operate proficiently. That is why we provide the digital tools that enable access, freedom, collaboration and productivity complimented by a cost effective programmatic approach that works within each firm’s business model.

We also realize that litigation events produce stress and can wreak havoc on corporations.  There are often three teams inside corporations who have a stake in legal events: Legal, IT and Regulatory-Compliance.  Each of these teams have differing motivations and constraints that govern them.  Legal events can severely impact these teams and disrupt their operations. 

At LOGICFORCE, our consultants empower our clients to work securely while facilitating effortless collaboration that is required by law firm customers today. Whether we modernize your IT infrastructure, move to a cloud services delivery model or manage your eDiscovery portfolio, every solution is specifically designed to maximize your financial productivity.

How do we do this? Here is what we’ve discovered.  Law firms need technology to optimize their productivity and open up new doors for previously unavailable business opportunities particularly with regards to eDiscovery. But law firms also need to protect their brand and reputations by ensuring that their data, applications and systems are secure.

LOGICFORCE delivers against these needs with our services:

If you want to really grow your law firm, you owe it to yourself to review our service offerings and come to understand how we can help.