If you’re wondering why you should choose LOGICFORCE as your law firm’s technology partner, we’d like to help answer that question. We recently conducted a survey of some of our top clients and asked them what they like about the way we serve them. Here are seven prominent statements they made about us.


We’ve made a positive impact.

A law firm client base amassed over 21 years will attest that we continue to make them more productive.


We provide much needed expertise.

LOGICFORCE is staffed with nationally recognized experts in the fields of IT, eDiscovery, Cyber Security and Digital Forensics. Our clients know we can be relied upon as a trusted business partner to resolve any issue that arises.


We are proactive.

We bring ideas for improvement to the table. The legal business is highly competitive and we’re there to help our clients be their very best.


We are fast.

Attorneys need to work whenever they’re called upon. We’re always working to keep them ahead of the game.


We are responsive.

We anticipate problems before they occur and fix them.


We have high integrity.

Our reputation as a company that delivers on the promises we make is without question. When our law firm clients need us to perform we are always there to do so.


We are relationship-driven.

From our assessment methodology, to client meeting and regularly scheduled performance reviews, LOGICFORCE is client driven. We’re listening to you as a partner you can trust.