Nashville, Tennessee, January 27, 2017 – LOGICFORCE is proud to announce that John Sweeney, President of LOGICFORCE, was a featured thought leader in an article about cyber security for law firms that has been published in the Huffington Post. The article is entitled After the Panama Papers, What Are Law Firms Doing to Prevent Hacks?

The focus of the article is about the risks law firms face when managing their clients’ data. Mr. Sweeney states: “First and foremost law firms are attractive targets because that is where trade secrets reside and is where they’ll be most vulnerable to theft. The amount of client information sitting on law firm servers spans the gamut from extremely valuable intellectual property (aka “company secret sauce”,) to potential merger and acquisition deals, to highly sensitive government information. Hacking law firms is all about making money by selling stolen information. Hackers can make a lot of it. Just think about the insider trading potential they could have with the right, highly confidential corporate information!”

The article goes on to outline best-in-class security technologies and approaches for law firms. It concludes with Mr. Sweeney’s forecast for the future of cyber-crimes and some recommendations for how law firms can demonstrate to clients that they can protect their data.

Regarding the article Mr. Sweeney states: “LOGICFORCE is a trusted advisor to more than 100 institutional law firms. We are pleased to be able to share our expertise with a wider audience through the Huffington Post article. LOGICFORCE has designed a new style of IT that will revolutionize the way law firms use and pay for their entire IT, electronic discovery, and cyber security ecosystem and harness its power to gain competitive advantage in the legal market.”

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