Nashville, Tennessee, February 12, 2017 – LOGICFORCE is proud to announce that John Sweeney, President of LOGICFORCE, was interviewed by Forbes.  The article is entitled: The Tech Startup Helping Mid-Sized Law Firms Outsmart The Giants

The focus of the article is about how mid-size law firms can use technology to compete and win against firms many times their size and with exponentially larger budgets.  “At most law firms,” states Mr. Sweeney, “you’ll find a mixture of hardware and software applications that lack integration, which limits the ability to easily upgrade systems when needed, resulting in virtually no long-term financial planning or discipline. That is the precise reason LOGICFORCE has designed a ‘New Style of Legal IT’ that is revolutionizing the way law firms use and pay for their entire IT, electronic discovery and cyber security ecosystem. Through a proprietary analytical approach known as Synthesis E-IT Secure®, we design and deliver state of the art IT ecosystems that will never become obsolete.”

When asked about the value of a more competitive technology ecosystem, Mr. Sweeney responded with the following statement.

“Our clients no longer have to acquiesce on large cases to bigger law firms with more robust electronic discovery departments as they can immediately scale their capabilities to handle any litigation or investigatory matter they want manage. All at a fraction of the cost of what it used to be in a traditional buy and build model. There are a lot of tremendous lawyers working for small and mid-size law firms who are in many cases more capable and qualified to provide legal subject matter expertise than what is being offered by Big Law. We want to arm our clients with the best tools and business intelligence possible to ensure they do get the opportunities to provide their legal advice more often and create a winning scenario outside of counsel and corporate legal departments are so desperately seeking.”

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LOGICFORCE has been working with small and mid-sized law firms throughout the southeast and mid-west for over 21 years providing IT, eDiscovery, Document Review, Cyber Security and Digital Forensic services.  When small to mid-size law firms want to dramatically improve their technology ecosystem, they turn to us.