Nashville, Tennessee, March 3, 2017 – LOGICFORCE is pleased to announce that Inc. has included insights from John Sweeney, President of LOGICFORCE, in an article addressing cyber security.  The article is entitled: 4 Hacker Trends Putting Law Firms at Risk

The article notes that “a hacker does not have to be a tech genius who is manipulating complex lines of code to circumvent a firewall. In fact, many methods for inflicting damage on a law firm are done through social manipulation.”  This includes tactics such as spear phishing, ransomware, insider attacks and the internet of things (IoT). 

"Companies in all industries are vulnerable to tactics like this," states John Sweeney. "But law firms are especially lucrative targets because of the trade secrets, Intellectual Property and Insider Information that resides on their servers. Every law firm today is under bombardment from hacking methods like spear phishing."

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