Law Firm Cyber Security Scorecard

The State of the Legal Industry Right Now

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If you believe your law firm is cyber secure, we recommend that you download this report.  We believe you will be quite surprised at the state of the law firm industry as it relates to cyber security.  This report demonstrates three key findings.  First, law firms are woefully insecure.  Second, billions of dollars are at-risk from corporate and government clients.  Third, there exists little transparency between firms and clients about this issue. 

How do we know this?  LOGICFORCE surveyed and assessed over 200 law firms, ranging in size from 1 to 450+ total attorneys, located throughout the United States, working in a full complement of practice areas.  The insights in this study come from critical data points gathered through authorized collection of anonymized LOGICFORCE system monitoring data, responses to client surveys, our proprietary SYNTHESIS E-IT SECURE® assessments and published industry information.

Key Findings:

  • Every law firm assessed was targeted for confidential client data in 2016-2017.  Approximately 40% did not know they were breached.
  • We see consistent evidence that cyber attacks on law firms are non-discriminatory.  Size and revenues don’t seem to matter.  
  • Only 23% of firms have cybersecurity insurance policies.
  • 95% of assessments conducted by LOGICFORCE show firms are not compliant with their data governance and cyber security policies.
  • 100% of those firms are not compliant with their client’s policy standards.

LOGICFORCE does not want your law firm to make headlines for the wrong reasons.  Download this report now so you can understand your risks and begin to take appropriate action. 

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