Q4, 2017

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Data breach has become an existential risk to every law firm throughout the world regardless of the number of attorneys, revenues or practice areas. The Law Firm Cyber Security Scorecard is compiled by LOGICFORCE and published bi-annually to educate the legal industry on the current state of Cyber Security preparedness.

This second edition also seeks to clearly define de facto cyber security standards for law firms so they can easily determine where their organizations rate in comparison.  This release of the Law Firm Cyber Security Scorecard details escalating cyber threats and highlights the progress law firms are making to mitigate these threats.

Key Findings:

  • 48% of law firms had their data security practices audited by at least one corporate client in the past year.
  • Many law firms lack cyber security leadership.
  • Most law firms aren’t up to the task of effectively protecting their clients’ data.
  • The number of corporate IT and data security audits are Increasing.

LOGICFORCE does not want your law firm to make headlines for the wrong reasons.  Download this report now so you can understand your risks and begin to take appropriate action. 

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