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Digital Forensics services from LOGICFORCE empower law firms and corporations to construct a case built on a solid foundation.  Our state-of-the-art computer lab and sophisticated collection techniques enable us to quickly access evidence in a defensible manner.  We thoroughly analyze digital evidence to glean critical truths about a user’s activities and we have overcome the many court challenges prevalent in litigation for nearly two decades.

Our experienced professionals have a comprehensive understanding of technology, investigations and the legal process.  Our investigators, many who are former law enforcement detectives, have extensive experience authoring technical reports and delivering expert opinions to courts and laypersons in a way they can understand. 

If you need to extract evidence from a digital device or understand what a user of a device has done, you need LOGICFORCE’s forensic services.  

Who Needs This?

Corporate executives, litigators, government agency leaders and others who want to conduct digital investigations to understand what has happened and how best to respond. 

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LOGICFORCE’s Digital Forensics investigation services can be applied to nearly any situation where digital assets need to be carefully examined as a source of evidence.  These are the core reasons we believe corporate executives, litigators and government agency leaders should look to us:

  • Unlike many digital forensic vendors, we believe in a team approach.
  • We are investigators who understand technology, investigations and the legal process.
  • You likely don’t have the time, expertise or equipment to do the technical work.
  • You need certainty the digital evidence in your case has been collected in a defensible manner, analyzed properly and is ready to stand up to the scrutiny present in litigation.



We take the time to understand your case and determine how the digital evidence was involved.  We strive to comprehend upfront which answers you seek and how our efforts will weave into the fabric of your case.  We always work with an eye toward a court proceeding.  As we are accessing digital evidence, we are cognizant of the defensibility of our methodologies. 

We seek to eliminate any opportunity for charges of spoliation, tampering or alteration of the evidence we have collected. This provides a solid evidence foundation on which to build your case.  We have a firm understanding of the processes involved in both criminal and civil litigation as well as the intricacies of internal corporate investigations.

Unlike many forensic vendors in the market, LOGICFORCE will back up our work as an expert witness in court or any environment where we need to explain or defend the collection process of our findings.  This will provide peace of mind because you can be assured our team is standing with you as your forensic partner.  The result?  You can move ahead with confidence, knowing the evidence we show you is real, accurate and you can take action based on it.



As digital forensic investigators, we are obsessed with getting to the heart of the matter.  Digital evidence is often fragmentary in nature, which presents you with a digital puzzle.  We help you solve that puzzle by digging deep into both the digital devices and behavior of users to uncover the who, what, when, where, why and how questions that are the cornerstone to any investigation.  

We can tie together data sources from differing technologies to provide you with a comprehensive picture of the incident.  We complete the digital puzzle, whether from a mobile phone, laptop, desktop, server, tablet, thumb drive or other digital device.  We do not relent until we are sure we have a firm understanding of the totality of the evidence available to us. 



Digital forensic work is highly specialized.  It requires technological savvy, training in sophisticated techniques and a careful approach.  Most lawyers and corporate executives do not have the time or expertise to accomplish these tasks alone.   

We have a state-of-the-art digital forensic lab and treat each case with care and individual attention.  You can focus on your day job while we handle technical matters and bring you the results.  LOGICFORCE is prepared to discover the truth so you can properly guide your case through whatever legal or corporate process may be required.



Whether you are conducting an internal investigation or diving into high dollar litigation, you have to be sure the actions you are taking are justified by the evidence and that evidence is sound.  As technology advances, more often evidence is found on digital media.  At LOGICFORCE, we understand what is at stake and are fully dedicated to conducting thorough investigations and producing results that you and others can understand.  When you need certainty, you need LOGICFORCE. 



While there are many ways to apply our capabilities to your situation, here are some core Digital Forensic services you can acquire from LOGICFORCE:

  • Digital Forensic neutral-party services
  • eDiscovery collections
  • Employee departure services
  • Digital Forensic investigations



Our digital forensic neutral-party services provide an avenue for opposing parties to come together on whatever little common ground may exist and effectively resolve disputes involving digital data to the benefit of both their clients.  Whether the case involves commingled personal and company data on a mobile device or proprietary and confidential data requiring removal from a competitor’s entire network, LOGICFORCE can help. 

Our team of experts evaluates each case and determines the best course of action to resolve the dispute.  We work closely with both parties to develop an acceptable resolution protocol for the parties to agree to, or for the court to order. 

LOGICFORCE works as the confidential intermediary and bears the burden of resolving the technical issues involved with these complex matters.  We keep all parties informed of our progress while ensuring all parties’ data remains confidential.  Here are some common scenarios where you may find this service useful:

  • An employee leaves Company A, taking highly confidential and proprietary data to a new employer (Company B), a direct competitor.  The employee disseminates confidential data to others within Company B, where it proliferates through the new employer’s network.  Company A learns of the breach and files suit against the former employee and his new employer.  To bring resolution to the dispute, Company B agrees to have a LOGICFORCE neutral expert examine their network, locate all confidential data, preserve it, and have it permanently removed from their system with minimal disruption to Company B’s business operations.   
  • During litigation, an employee’s personal phone is identified as possibly containing data relevant to the case.  Naturally, the employee’s phone also contains personal information the employee does not want their employer to have access to.  LOGICFORCE’s forensic neutral services will step in to ensure confidential personal information is held private while the relevant data is properly preserved and produced.  The process of separating personal data from potentially relevant data safeguards the interests of both parties and the potential conflict between employee and employer is thwarted.  

In situations such as these, all parties benefit from a digital forensic neutral: someone who both parties can trust to deliver a thorough forensic investigation and take steps to remediate the situation they uncover. 



Electronic discovery is a critical component of corporate litigation.  The process of identifying and preserving data in ways that satisfy opposing counsel and the courts is crucial.  Allegations of tampering and spoliation can cause a case to get side-tracked, the cost of litigation to skyrocket, and degrade the level of trust between the client and law firm.

The meeting between counsel and the client’s IT group can oftentimes be challenging - almost as if the parties are speaking two different languages.  These communications gaps can be costly and create confusion during the litigation process.  LOGICFORCE Digital Forensics can bridge the communication gap between IT teams and legal counsel because we are fluent in both languages.

During eDiscovery collections, we make every effort to avoid business disruptions and perform our work around your client’s needs.  Most of our collections can be performed remotely, which speeds the collection process and reduces preservation costs. 

Avoid these pitfalls by bringing the LOGICFORCE Digital Forensics team on board early in your eDiscovery process.  Our services will help you save money and achieve a successful outcome. 



As employees move on from one organization to the next, and as data assets have become more mobile, the chances of data theft have become especially high.  Often these thefts do not come to light until months after an employee has left.  In the interim, as a normal course of doing business, artifacts are often destroyed that could have been pertinent to the matter. 

This can frustrate chances for a favorable outcome in discovering the damage done, recovery or containment of the lost material, or in determining the amount of legal exposure to the parties. 

Fortunately, LOGICFORCE has identified this problem and has a cost effective and easy-to-apply solution.  As part of LOGICFORCE’s employee departure services, we will work with law firms or clients directly to develop and implement a departure preservation protocol for companies to follow.  These protocols are usually reserved for high-level and strategic positions where the chances of critical data theft are highest. 

LOGICFORCE can remotely execute the preservation process within hours, instead of days, of an employee’s departure, which allows for critical temporal data to be retained.  LOGICFORCE can perform a preliminary review of the data for indications of theft or simply retain this preserved data off-site until a need for examination arises.  LOGICFORCE’s Digital Forensics team can take these steps on your behalf, placing your firm in the best possible position to be successful in resolving disputes quickly, while allowing the client’s technology resources to be recycled to new employees with no adverse consequences.



Here are examples of the services we offer as part of our Digital Forensics investigative capabilities:

  • Expert testimony in courtrooms, boardrooms or any room where an independent and expert third-party perspective is needed.
  • Technical translation between IT departments and legal professionals.  Many lawyers struggle to effectively communicate with IT departments.
  • Technical advice to clients who are unsure about how to handle data and devices.  Some of our clients do not know where to start when they are handed devices and told there might be evidence on them.  These clients call us to ensure the devices are processed properly.
  • Mobile device expertise - we have a forensic laboratory with specialized equipment that enables us to collect and analyze data from these devices.
  • Technical discovery - we help clients to understand digital discovery, what the evidence means and how it applies to the case at hand.
  • Any matter requiring an investigation where data and digital devices are involved.  If you are not sure, it is better to call us than to have regrets later about how you handled devices and data.  Our skills and capabilities continually evolve, placing us ahead of the curve.

To learn more about these services, please click the Next Page link below or click on What Can You Expect at the top of this page. 

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