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IT Optimization is an all-encompassing IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) offering for law firms.  For one reasonable and affordable monthly fee, IT Optimization provides everything your law firm needs to operate at peak performance: technology systems, strategic advice and a dynamic team of legal technology experts.  This team has a proven history of transforming stymied IT environments into high-performance ecosystems that propel law firms to break through to their next level. 

With our IT Optimization service taking care of your IT environment, you can focus on the business of lawyering and growing your law firm.   IT Optimization delivers security, stability, scalability and low total cost of ownership for one of the most important areas of your law firm – technology.  

Why do you need our IT optimization service?  Here is our experience.  LOGICFORCE is a strategic trusted advisor to hundreds of law firms.  We have deep insights into the operations of these firms and how their technology ecosystems (IT, eDiscovery, cyber security, data management) either enable or debilitate their growth potential.  We know what works and what doesn’t work for legal technology.

Who Needs This?

Law firms who want to make their core IT environment a reliable, nimble, secure and powerful source of strategic growth. 

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After performing deep-dive analyses on hundreds of law firms, we’ve identified what we now believe to be the single biggest obstacle to growth: a serious disconnect between their business strategy and technology strategy.  For every law firm we’ve profiled, this disconnect is acute and potentially crippling.  Why does this happen?

Most lawyers and law firm leaders are not technologists, but the people they rely on to architect, deploy and support their IT environments are technology people.  This certainly creates communication issues.  But more importantly, it leads to a situation where people with limited legal-business insights and almost no comparators to best-in-class firms make crucial, sometimes irreversible, technology decisions and in so doing unintentionally create technology strategy and policy.

The result is that most law firms “own” an IT environment that under-performs and places them at unnecessary levels of risk.  But more importantly, the IT environment will not scale to support the business goals of the future.  

If this sounds like your law firm, we have some great news.  A NEW STYLE LEGAL IT™ – the foundation of IT Optimization – is available to your firm and it has the potential to radically improve your productivity, profits and growth potential.  If you want to unleash the hidden power of your law firm, you need our IT Optimization service. 

Here are the core reasons to consider this service.



Moore’s Law holds that roughly every 18 months, the compute capacity of a CPU (Central Processing Unit – the brain of any technology device) will double.  The implications of Moore’s Law are nothing less than game-changing for your law firm.  This means that new hardware and software – technology that you likely cannot even imagine today – has the potential to dramatically improve your operations.  This also  means that small teams will be able to do more work than teams that were formerly many times their size.  That’s the good news. 

The bad news is that you’ll have to keep up, because your clients will expect it and your competitors will adopt the technology too.  Moore’s Law means that you can no longer think of technology as just the tools you use to do you work.  Technology, a vibrant technology environment, is to a law firm what oxygen is to a living organism.  You cannot thrive without it. 



Most law firms now need technology environments that are as complex as Fortune 500 organizations.  Yet these firms do not have the IT leadership, IT support teams or technology systems that one finds in Fortune 500 firms.  This means that law firms are constantly behind the curve, struggling to keep up and feeling overwhelmed by the complexity of the systems they need. 



These challenges often lead to unstable technology environments.  This means that those who bear responsibility for IT continually dread the unknown, fearing when the other shoe will drop.  One LOGICFORCE client describes this as the “hot phone” scenario.  When things go wrong, which they inevitably will since there is not enough support, an onslaught of angry phone calls overwhelms the people responsible for IT.



Technology failures are a major reason that law firms choose to adopt our IT Optimization service.  It might be a cyber attack, a critical server going down, lost work-product, missing client data, failed backups or some other event.  Cumbersome or outdated time-and-billing systems are also common.  These are often the precipitating moments when law firm leaders decide to bring us in. 



Cyber security is now a major concern for every law firm as stories of hacks make for very public headlines.  Law firms who have just been holding on, when it comes to technology, often find that they are way out of their depth when it comes to security.  Every law firm we have ever profiled is out of compliance with their own information governance policies and most major regulatory requirements, let alone their client’s security policies. 



Technology audits are the new pay-to-play model.  Many corporations in regulated industries will ask you to prove you are ready to be their provider by passing an extensive technology audit which they must verify before awarding you business.  These audits have become a primary reason that law firms adopt our IT Optimization service, which has built-in Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to address these opportunities.  If you’ve ever had to respond to a 75-page technology audit document, you know how painful and time-consuming this can be. 



Technology obsolescence is a root cause of most technology problems.  Moore’s Law dictates that new systems will be thrust upon the market at an ever-increasing rate.  Most law firms, due to budget constraints and lack of understanding of better alternatives, choose to be very selective in what they upgrade.  This means they have lop-sided IT environments.  Some systems are newer while other systems are aging and far too many are well past what should have been their end of life.

This is a major reason that law firms choose our IT Optimization service.  Some firms have come to us trying to figure out how to afford a $100,000 server upgrade and other critical pieces of their network.  They are pleasantly surprised when we tell them they can get a new server, new network components and anything else they need without a significant cash outlay.  They are thrilled when we tell them that we’ll maintain it and replace it before it’s obsolete, all for no additional charge.



Scalability of the technology ecosystem is a major challenge for law firms.  As firms grow, they often find that certain parts of their IT environment will not effectively scale in proportion to their needs.  This might be anything from document management systems, time-and-billing applications, eDiscovery platforms, networks or a host of other investments.  While they may only need a fraction of the power of the new system, the only option is to buy the complete system, often at a price point that is not affordable for law firms. 

This often prevents these law firms from jumping to their next level at an accelerated pace.  They simply cannot afford everything they need.  At LOGICFORCE, we liken this to buying an expensive car when what you really need is a car service twice a month.  Why pay for a whole car when all you really want is to be transported from point A to point B twice a month? 

This is another major reason that law firms choose our IT Optimization service.  This service gives law firms access to and use of technology – the true value of it, not ownership – when, where and how they need it on a rental basis.  Because you only pay for this technology on a per-attorney basis, you only buy what you need.  This gives you nearly instant scale and access to technology that otherwise would have been out of reach.  If you need more capacity, you simply pay a slight increase every month based on the number of new users. 



Most law firms really don’t know how much their technology ecosystem costs their organization.  When we’ve run TCO analyses for these firms, they are shocked at the annual costs, especially given the performance of the technology ecosystem.  Most law firms have buyer’s regret. 

Whatever you might think you are paying for your technology environment today, we recommend that you double that number and then double it again and you’ll likely still be short of what it actually costs your firm.  This is probably the single biggest reason law firms choose our IT Optimization service.                                                                                                                                                        

We have been able to prove in hard numbers that our approach to technology costs, in many instances, fifty percent less than the current approach – all while dramatically improving performance, security and scalability.  Some of our clients discover that they pay for our service fees in total for the year within the first six months of adopting IT Optimization simply through improved billing rates of their attorneys. 

Law firms using an integrated IT ecosystem average 9% higher billings annually, 12% more matters with “very high” client satisfaction and a 71% increase in client referrals.  They also spend less time and money on administrative tasks, billing and collection is more efficient and lawyers can deliver services faster and more economically. In addition, our clients no longer have to acquiesce on large cases to bigger law firms with more robust electronic discovery departments as they can immediately scale their capabilities to handle any litigation or investigatory matter they want manage. All at a fraction of the cost of what it used to be in a traditional buy and build model.

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