Synthesis E-IT Secure® (SEITS®) is a comprehensive assessment service that utilizes a methodology and tool-set designed exclusively for law firms.  SEITS® gives you insights.  It gauges your readiness to deliver legal services in line with the growth plans set forth by your management committee.

SEITS® identifies where your technology ecosystem (IT, eDiscovery, cyber security data management) is today compared to the 8 success-levers that are proven to impact law firm growth.  It analyzes where you stand with current regulatory constraints that govern your firm and clients.  It benchmarks where you are at risk and how you stack up against best-in-class firms of similar size and practice areas.  Finally, SEITS® delivers a realistic, affordable, practical and executable blueprint to take your already successful law firm to your next level. 

Why do you need SEITS®?  At LOGICFORCE we consult with hundreds of law firms.  We ask this question – how do you plan to grow?  The answers we often hear are related to business development, lateral hires, practice acquisitions and firm acquisitions. 

What Clients Say

“The SEITS®  process was an integral part of developing our long-term IT strategy in the wake of our recent growth.  The comprehensive data and analysis by LOGICFORCE allowed us to take a critical look at our existing operation with the benefit of a fresh perspective, and to make better informed management recommendations for our IT operation going forward.  As a result, I am confident we will deliver a superior technology environment for the benefit of our clients, our attorneys and staff, and our business.”

Kevin Bell, Partner (Technology) Sowell Gray Robinson Stepp & Lafitte

Kevin Bell

While these strategies might work, they are not the single biggest factor that we’ve seen that separates high-growth and highly profitable law firms from others.  They are also a very clumsy way to scale the business.  There is now a huge difference between leaders and followers.  Many of our clients are industry leaders who realize levels of profitability that far outstrip industry averages.  Here is the secret.



Technology – more specifically a technology ecosystem – is the key to unlocking your growth potential.  This concept may not be entirely intuitive to you, so please allows us to build the business case for why you should focus in this area. 

As digital devices, computer systems and big data have overtaken our modern life, the business of law has been radically transformed in three critical areas: core IT systems, eDiscovery and cyber security.  It is rare to find a legal matter today that does not include electronically stored information.  The core IT systems of a law firm are very complex now, often as sophisticated as a Fortune 500 firm.  Cyber security hacks are a constant threat to law firms insomuch that corporations in regulated industries often require their legal partners to pass technical audits just to qualify for the business. 

Lawyers depend on technology systems today more than ever and that dependence is only going to increase in the coming years.  But here’s the problem.  Lawyers are not technologists.  So what do most law firms do?  They usually take one of three approaches.  They either hire internal people, hire technology consultants or try a combination of both. 

More often than not, these approaches fail or underperform.  As core IT systems, eDiscovery and cyber security have grown in complexity, risk and expense, it has become very challenging for technology people to keep up.  This means that most internal IT people are focusing on day-to-day operations.  Most technology consultants have core expertise in technology, but not in legal business strategy.  The result is that no one is looking at your horizon and telling you definitively where you should be making technology investments that align with your business goals, both now and in the future.

This is why you need SEITS®.  Through this comprehensive assessment, you will come to understand how technology is the single biggest strategic enabler of the growth you desire.   You’ll also see how your technology ecosystem can be dramatically improved to realize your business goals.  You’ll receive a blueprint in plain language that you can understand and that makes sense to you.  Best of all, these insights come from LOGICFORCE, the most trusted name in legal technology. 

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