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Bret Babcock

Chief Financial Officer

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Bret Babcock is the CFO for LOGICFORCE. His mission is to grow the valuation of the firm. He does this by providing leadership, operational oversight and system coordination of financial products and services. Bret adds value with accurate, insightful, and timely information, analysis, and solutions that promote strong, healthy growth for the firm.

Bret has a background in commercial and corporate banking at Bank of America where his specialization was in structuring, offering, and managing corporate debt products for institutions. This role taught him how to blend the quantitative aspect of structuring debt through spreadsheet-based financial models, risk management principles, and the core business plan of the institution being analyzed to structure a product that would help them reach their goals.

Bret Says:

“My favorite project has been refiguring the financial reporting standards at LOGICFORCE to ensure that all members of the management team have buy-in in driving growth for the firm. I work very closely with each department head to ensure that they are running their portion of the business as efficiently as possible and the sales team to help drive revenue growth.”

Bret earned his B.B.A in Finance and Organizational Development from the The University of Toledo Jesup Scott Honors College, graduating Cum Laude and was the recipient of the Univerity of Toledo Tower Prestige Scholarship and Sigma Phi Epsilon Balanced Man Scholarship.

While at Toledo, he was a columnist for the The Independent Collegian and a member of the coaching staff of the University of Toledo Football Team. After undergrad, he received an MBA from The University of Mississippi. While at Ole Miss, he served on the Graduate Student Council, Vice President of the Ole Miss Consulting Club, and as an academic tutor for The University of Mississippi Athletic Department.