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Jim KempVanEe

VP, Forensic Services

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Jim KempVanEe is the VP of Forensic Services for LOGICFORCE. He has been with the firm since 2009. He manages all aspects of digital forensic services including budgeting, supervision of laboratory personnel, developing and implementing training curriculums, project scoping, case management and overall evidence integrity.

He is an active educator of the LOGICFORCE client base through personal calls and CLE presentations. In fact, Jim has addressed international audiences on topics related to mobile device and cloud data preservations.

Jim entered digital forensics at the advent years of the field as a science, creating the first lab for the California police department where he was an investigator in the 1990s. After nearly twenty years of law enforcement, Jim went on to manage the digital forensics laboratory for the Tennessee State Attorney General’s office in Nashville.

He has over 3,000 hours of specialized training related to digital forensics and cyber investigations, has obtained several internationally recognized certifications in these fields and is a state and federally recognized subject matter expert. Jim continues to nurture his law enforcement ties by volunteering his expertise to local police departments.

Jim enjoys validating new technologies as they are developed and is a beta tester for an international developer of mobile forensic platforms. His access to these cutting edge technologies has benefited our community on several occasions.

A case study resulted from a recent investigation where Jim was able to leverage new cloud preservation technologies to provide law enforcement with actionable evidence that normally would have taken months to obtain. Jim’s work flows and protocols in this area have been disseminated through the United States and Canada. With an eye on the future of digital forensics, Jim continually endeavors to position the LOGICFORCE lab on the cutting edge of the field.

Jim has earned a Bachelor of Science - Summa Cum Laude, Criminal Justice from Kaplan University and is currently completing his Master of Science in Digital Forensics (MSDF) at the University of Central Florida.