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Jordan McQuown

Chief Information Officer

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Jordan McQuown is the CIO at LOGICFORCE. His mission at LOGICFORCE is to set the technology roadmap across the organization. He also leads the efforts of the Information Security business unit which provides proactive and reactive information security services to law firms and their clients. He specializes in information technology, cyber security, electronic discovery and digital forensics.

Jordan says:

“I’ve touched on and been involved with so many projects in my time here at LOGICFORCE. It’s hard to pick just one of which I’m most proud. But if I had to, I’d say it would be creating what LOGICFORCE calls the Virtual Review Environment (VRE).”

“VRE was first pressed into service for a company that was having their system repossessed and going through litigation. Utilizing forensic images and some server hardware, we were able to recreate the datacenter as it functioned the day the business went under.”

“This gave forensic accountants and attorneys access to the inventory, accounting, and other systems as if they were at the company prior to its shutdown. Reviewing structured data is always a challenge in litigation. With our unique approach we were able to put the facts in front of the legal team.”

Jordan received a B.S. in Computer Networking from Pennsylvania College of Technology, and holds many industry accreditations.